Discover how you can get into the alpha state immediately - anywhere, anytime - and get better dowsing and healing results

Have you ever tried to clear your mind clutter, get into the state when your body muscles are relaxed and your mind is calm and receptive to intuitive messages?

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Through my years of involvement in the dowsing community (I've been dowsing on and off for over 30 years) the most common question I'm asked is how to improve dowsing accuracy or consistency of dowsing results.

One of the biggest problems is getting into the right frame of mind, where you eliminate all the conflicting thoughts and are able to concentrate on the objective outcome. Alpha state makes it easier.

What are alpha brainwaves and how can they help you achieve better intuition and calm mind?

Alpha state brainwaves are slower then beta (our active state) and the frequency ranges from 8 to 14 cycles per second. It is a state of "aware relaxation" and it brings numerous advantages:


calms your body and mind while it maintains alertness


stimulates imagination, intuition and higher awareness


creates detachment from the outcome and increases dowsing accuracy


improves your mental processes concentration, clarity of thinking, decision making, memory


frees up more of your potential and helps you achieve your goals in life


allows you to sleep better, fall asleep easily, stay asleep right through the night

There are a few ways to get to the alpha state. The most popular is through a traditional meditation. Although I strongly recommend learning basic relaxation and meditation methods (and using them!) - it  takes considerable time.

How brain entrainment can keep you healthier and even extend your life span

Brain entrainment is another way of getting to the alpha state by applying an outside influence (usually in a form of sound and/or light) on the brain to bring the vibrations to the desired level. It also brings some additional benefits:


getting to the alpha level lowers levels of cortisol keeps you healthier by boosting your immune system


alpha waves increase levels of DHEA and Melatonin - slows aging process and improves sleep


alpha braiwaves increase learning ability, improves memory

In this recording we've combined brain entrainment (binaural beats, cross-feed modulation, pulse) method with hypnotic suggestions to create a recording that takes you down to the alpha level and teaches you to enter the alpha state simply by holding your three fingers together - your thumb, index and middle finger and in your mind saying words: "I'm in the alpha state now", taking a deep breath and while exhaling - relaxing your muscles.

After listening to this recording several times - you will be able to enter the alpha state immediately on demand and increase your dowsing accuracy and improve your healing effectiveness.

This is the only recording of this kind that I know of created specifically for dowsers and healers. This is part one of the Dowsing - Subconscious Programming set, the other one will contain specific "hard wire" subconscious programming.

For only $27.00 you will receive a professionally recorded mp3 file that you can play on your computer, burn to a CD or play in your mp3 player. You can't buy it at any store, it's available exclusively here.
The picture above is for illustration purpose only. The product is a downloadable MP3 file. This recording is best played using good stereo headphones. Please don't listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

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A very big thank you! Alpha 1 is excellent. very calming and concise in its delivery and therefore, I feel, very potent in its effect.  I look forward, greatly, to Alpha 2 Subconscious Programming.

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Liz Morton,

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


Like with all our products - we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, but once you really give it an honest try - you will wonder how much time you save getting to the alpha state at will and how much your dowsing accuracy improves.

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P.P.S. You will also receive a report "Dowsing Accuracy" completely free of charge! 


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